Our Story

The Brand

ANE CLOTHIER is an Independent American custom clothing brand located in Newark, New Jersey. We specialize in custom denim shirts and other garments  that are "Made in Newark" 

We believe that clothing should be tailored to fit, and you should feel confident in your custom garment. We measure all. 

The Vision  

We are more than proud to launch our denim collection "Sartorial Blue" right here in our community. At ANE CLOTHIER, we believe that your custom denim shirt or garment represents your personal style, and therefore designed with you in mind. Our denim fabrics are sourced from American and Japanese Mills. Our goal is your goal - a superior custom fit and customer satisfaction

A Letter from the Founder 

ANE CLOTHIER began when I was a teenager. I admired my sister Debbie Marie as a seamstress and her determination to design. Born in an era when clothing was more tailored, colorful and accepted by the African American culture I was always drawn to fashion designs tailored to fit. I pay homage to Fashion Designer Icon like Ann Lowe, who believed in herself and confident with executing her gift without restriction as well as modern-day entertainers, Ellen Degeneres, Usher Raymond, and Kanye West were always my style inspirations. To me, they are the epitome of elegance and culture, true to their own style. My dream for design led me to creative ideas of introducing the old with the new.

I recognize that referencing denim as a main fabric of choice is a male-dominated industry. I respectfully enter the industry as a humble denim connoisseur as an extension to create unapologetically. 

So in 2017, SARTORIAL BLUE was developed for men and women in ready to were clothing. Everyone loves denim to some degree and wants to look their finest in an everyday garment curated to their body and lifestyle. At ANE CLOTHIER, 'our goal is your goal' - a superior custom fit and customer satisfaction. 

'Make the Choice to Be Uncommon' Commission us to design your next custom denim shirt.


Anita Dickens, Founder