Established in 2014 by Newark, NJ native and visionary designer, Anita Dickens, Ane Clothier is a celebration of the belief that fashion belongs to everyone—him, her, them, they. Our collections stand as a vibrant representation of inclusivity, drawing inspiration from the diverse tapestry of individuals who make up our global community.

At Ane Clothier, Anita envisions a world where fashion is a canvas for self-expression, transcending gender, embracing diversity, and celebrating individuality. Guided by the belief that style knows no boundaries, we strive to create inclusive collections that resonate with the unique stories of every person. Anita's vision is to be a beacon of empowerment, fostering a global community where confidence, authenticity, and sustainability converge seamlessly. Ane Clothier aims to redefine the fashion landscape, inspiring individuals to boldly embrace their identity and make a positive impact on the world through conscious, stylish choices.

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