Meeting Ye was fate. At the time of vacationing in LA of all the things to do and see there is Kanye West … Yeezy bka Ye. For me, it was an instant burst of happiness that overtook my emotions. I hopped out the vehicle I was driving to say out loud ‘OMG Kanye I can’t believe I’m seeing you right now.’ ‘I’m from Newark NJ. And a moment of truth I didn’t know what words or reactions I was about to receive from Ye, he focused, extended his arm and said come give me a hug. Drop the mic, lol. I ran like a baby seeing a loved one.  

Ye was wearing at the time the MEGA hat and comfy garments, which I didn’t give energy to, I was looking at Ye in his eyes and that was when I opened my mouth to express how I felt about a song he had mentioned Newark NJ. Ye told me he had to make it right. When he said this, I felt in that moment Ye was being sincere and we connected.

 Although Ye is no stranger to the fashion industry, his fashion journey was no walk in the park. I especially loved how he experienced various textiles. As you see in the photos above these photos are retro Kanye and we had to include each photo. Today YEEZY is a known fashion brand created by Kanye.